Dr. Fouad Bousetouane

The AIJRF forum is a great initiative to create the first AI journalism hub in the world, which brings together brilliant minds and scientists to discuss and shape the future of journalism in the era of Artificial Intelligence and unprecedented technological advancements.

Head of the AI & innovation team at W.W. Grainger, AIJRF Advisory Board.USA.

The AIJWF forum is a global connector of diverse experts, scientists& researchers to discuss together the future of the world based on AIT technology

Dean of Media and Public Relation at Emirates College Of Technology, UAE

Prof. Abdulla Yusuf Abdulwahab Al Hawaj.

Prof. Abdulla  Al-Hawaj

AIJWF is part of our great work to keep pace with the scientific and technical development in the Arab educational field, and to support students and researchers in all sectors .

Founding President of Ahlia University, AIJRF Advisory Board


AIJWF Quotes

Prof. Suzan Elkalliny

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Dr. Abass Alzanjne

AIJWF  is looking  further to making dreams come true, with a distinguished team of professors, researchers, and scholars specializing in media studies, artificial intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution and anthropology.

Director of USA Academic Relations, AIJRF, USA


Eng. Amel Boumahra

AIJWF is the first global platform to bring together academics, media professionals and specialists in  AI and the future of Humans 2050, and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.

Director of Administrative Organization, AIJRF, Algeria

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Mrs. Lucia Dore

A​IJWF will be a good opportunity to show the results of the Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index in measuring, tracking, and visualizing the performance of media companies in using AI Journalism technologies. ​

Manager of the Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index (GAIJI), UK


Dr. Walaa Fouda

AIWJF is the perfect place to meet experts, professors, researchers, and innovators from all over the world to exchange experiences and ideas about the future of AI in media and journalism.”

Director of the Academic Team, AIJRF, UAE

Dr. Abdullkarim Ziani

AIJWF which is managed by the Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting will be very significant platform where all experts and media professionals will meet and forecast the future of the industry

 Director of Diploma  Program, AIJRF, Bahrain


Dr. Rasha Hegazy

AIJWF is a unique global scientific event and an opportunity for researchers, media professionals and specialists in the field of artificial intelligence to meet and exchange ideas and discussions.

 Director of Training and Programs, AIJRF, Egypt

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Dr. Manju Rose Mathews

AIJRF is a great platform for thought leaders in media and computing to have a clear understanding about the fast evolution in AI technologies and how it will impact journalism”

 Asia and India International Team, AIJRF, India

Prof. Dahlia Mahmoud

AIWJF provides academics and leading professionals a space to share inspirational research reconceptualizing authentic storytelling through technology. This platform informs current communication practices through the lens of innovation and comprehensive forecasts from across the MENA region.

Dean of College of Media and Mass Communication at The American University in the Emirates (AUE), UAE

Dr. Radwa Abdullatif

AIJWF is the main innovation engine between Academics, Global AI

Manufacturers, Governments, and Media. Journalists will find in AIJWF all global experiences of media organizations using AI technologies in their newsrooms. And how it did affect all editorial processes? 

Egyptian Journalist and Director of the Strategic Planning AIJRF, Egypt

Prof. Ibrahim Aljarah

AIJWF is considered one of the most significant events in the Middle East and the region, as it sheds light on how to benefit from big data and how to use it with machine learning technologies that positively affect society in all fields.

Director of Big Data Analytics Department, AIRF, Jordan

Eng. Sara Abu Hammour

AIJWF is the Global AI journalism platform that is designing the Future of media improving human life, and to work together to enhance understanding, commitment and participation in the artificial intelligence tools and solutions

Director of Corporate and Investor Relations in AIJRF, Jordan

Dr. Hosni Ghedira

The AIJWF will offer the ideal platform to learn about the most recent innovations in AI technologies and their potential applications in journalism and social media

Director of Research Engagement  at Mohammed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, UAE

Dr. Nouha Belaid

It's time to talk about artificial intelligence in Media. AIJWF is an opportunity to develop the field of journalism, by combining the different skills and the various actors (academics, journalists, IT specialists and citizens).

Academic Program Manager of Central University and head of Relations in North Africa and Europe in AJRF, Tunisia