The New Journalism era looms on the horizon

By: Abass Alzanjne


BLACKSBURG, Va. After technological development affected all areas of life, artificial intelligence becomes more and more present in what we do or will do.

One of the most important factors that we depend on in our lives as human beings, according to all communication theories, is the media.

Media become the most prominent station in the fourth and fifth industrial evolution train path.

Especially after the difficulties that Journalism faced during the epidemic, the race to a world full of alternative programs helps people to make journalism less dangerous and more influential.

Where the Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting Think Tank, based in United Arab Emeritus, geared up to present this new world at confident and fast pace steps.

Due to that, the AIJRF will be managing the first global forum( The Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum) to monitor transformations in AI journalism and the media industry until 2050.

Academicians and Media Professionals from around the world will participate in the World Forum, to sketch the evolution path of the great transformations of media and artificial intelligence technologies up until 2050.

AIJWF will discuss the most important global and Arab experiences in artificial intelligence journalism, and future technologies.

Will Artificial Intelligence Journalism be a qualitative leap in the field of communicating with the mass?

Or, will Artificial Intelligence Journalism be the alternative to people in the near future?

These and more other questions will be answered by academicians, professionals and researchers at the AIJWF.

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