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Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum;
A Success Story Designs Media Industry 2050

AIJWF Recommendations

  • Academic Studies in Media Discipline 


Integrate the AI Journalism curriculum in the study programs of media and artificial intelligence colleges, at the Arab and global levels.


Partnership with Arab universities in providing a specialized Professional Diploma or Professional Master or Academic Master degrees in the artificial intelligence field.


Launch a training program for academics in media colleges and departments in Arab universities in the AI journalism and digital media field.


Launch a training program for journalists in Arab media organizations in the field of AI journalism.   


  • The use and integration of artificial intelligence techniques in the content creation industry


The importance of accelerating the transfer of AI journalism techniques to the media.

Develop skills and creating artificial intelligence technologies at the Arab level

  • Legislation and laws regulating AI Journalism techniques


The importance of adopting an ethical and professional guide on AI Journalism and the use of advanced technology in humanitarian sectors.

  • AI Techniques and the Manpower


Work for the adoption of advanced programs to develop human talent and manpower in dealing with AI technologies and to support the respective professional programs by media organizations.


Adopt an initiative to invest in artificial intelligence companies and implement projects, training and workshops that aim at educating community groups about the concept of artificial intelligence as a development tool to streamline its use.

  • Creators of future cities and smart infrastructure


Expanding digital transformation initiatives and the use of AI techniques in various fields, particularly in the field of realizing sustainable development.

The AIJWF Speakers

Prof. Farouk El-Baz
Egyptian American space scientist and geologist, Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, U.S.

Prof. Mohammed Showman
Prof. Mohammed Abdulzaher

President of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF)- Egypt

A pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and CEO of the AIJWF. UAE

Mr Ghanim Bin Lahej Al Falasi
Prof. Carey James Kriz
Prof. Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj

 Senior Vice President, People Happiness and Innovation Corporate Services, UAE

Executive Director at Global Clinical Partners

Health Washington, D.C., U.S.

Founding President of Ahlia University, Bahrain

Prof. Mahmoud Siddiq

Vice president of Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Prof. Suzan Elkalliny

Former Dean of Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. Dean of Media and Public Relations at Emirates College of Technology, UAE

Prof.  Hosni Ghedira

Director of Research Engagement at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), UAE


Mrs. Lucia Dore

Manager of the Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index (GAIJI), UK

Prof. Andrea Pitasi

Gabriele d'Annunzio University, WCSA Honorary Life President, Eurocitizen Past President, Italy

Mrs. Ouided Bouchamaoui

Tunisian Business Woman and winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, Tunisia

Prof. Sherif Fahmy

Chief Scientific Director for Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Pfizer International Corporation. University of Nottingham, UK

Mr. Mohamed Hannachi

Senior writer-reporter at al Arabiya News Chanel, UAE

Mr. David Maddison

AI & Cognitive Analytics Practice Leader

Gulf Business Machines, UAE

Mrs. Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Thought Leadership Speaker. UK

Dr. Fouad Bousetouane

American-Algerian Data Scientist, head of the AI & innovation team at W.W. Grainger, U.S.


Mr. Ahmed Elshiekh


Digital Media Consultant at Mediamise


Prof. Matthew  Bailey

Leading Authority and Pioneer:  Innovation - AI and AI Ethics - Smart Cities - IoT - Author - Speaker - Global Reach, U.S.

Mr. Ahmed El-Moslemany

President of Cairo Center for Strategic Studies, and former advisor to the Egyptian president. Egypt

Dr. Samer Obeidat
Prof. Dahlia Mahmoud

Dean of College of Media and Mass Communication at The American University in the Emirates (AUE), UAE

Dr. Anwaar Al Shimmari

Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development ,UAE

Dr. Eunika Laurent 

An expert in artificial intelligence, and Professor at EPITA International Masters and SKEMA. France

Dr. AbdulKarim Ziani

Associate Professor Al Ahlia University Bahrain communication and media Ph.D., Bahrain

Ms. Naufer Ramoul
Dr.Mayssoun Azzam

MGM - Cheif Executive- officer Stallion AI Company-


TV Anchor- Dubai Media Incorporated,


Senior Political Anchor & News Presenter

Al-Arabiya, UAE

Dr. Abass Alzanjne

Director of USA Academic Relations, AIJRF, USA

Prof. Ibrahim Aljarah
Dr. Walaa Fouda

Director of Big Data Analytics Department, AIRF, Jordan

Director of the Academic Team, AIJRF, UAE

Eng. Amel Boumahra

Director of Administrative Organization, AIJRF, Algeria

Ms. Sona Nambiar
Dr. Rasha Hegazy

Director of Training and Programs, AIJRF, Egypt

Kimiyaa FZCO, UAE

 Anannda Shekspeare
 Dr. Radwa Abdullatif

Founder, Shakespeare Communications at Shakespeare Communications. UAE

Egyptian Journalist and Director of the Strategic Planning AIJRF, Egypt


Discussion topics

First Panel Discussion
Artificial Intelligence Journalism, 7G Journalism and the Future of Media and  Entertainment industry 2050

Second Panel Discussion

Leveraging of Artificial Technologies into the Arab media

Third Panel Discussion 

Artificial Intelligence Journalism Code of Ethics

Fourth Panel Discussion

International Media and the Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index (GAIJI Index).

Fifth Panel Discussion 

Urban Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Cities and Intelligence Media Infrastructure.

Sixth Panel Discussion 

AIJRF and the Future of MEDIA 2050 (Arabic)

Seventh Panel Discussion 

Future Leadership - The Ability To Lead Through Disruption


First: Person of the Year Award:

This prize is awarded this year to the Scientist of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Energy, Prof. Carey Keynes.

Second: The Best Innovation Award in Artificial Intelligence Journalism:

This prize is awarded this year to one of the new tools developed by the American Second Insight Inc. in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Journalism Foundation, where a new tool was devised for creating Arabic content, analyzing data, and reproducing visual and audio reports.AIJ Robot

Third: The Best Media Organization Award:

This prize is awarded this year to Bloomberg Foundation for adopting advanced artificial intelligence technologies during its service of Bloomberg Terminal. The remaining three categories of the award were withheld due to the lack of conditions required by the committee in the submitted works.

The Forum Shield was also presented in honor of the work team and the participants in the preparation of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum over the past months.

Prof. Cary James Criz the Person of the year
Glass Buildings

Prof. Farouq El-Baz

AIJWF is a good opportunity to learn about the latest research and technology advancements on artificial intelligence, and in a way that serves people in the first place.

Egyptian American Space Scientist and Geologist, AIJRF Advisory Board, AIJWF Honorary President, U.S.

   AIJWF Quotes


Prof. Mohammed Shoman

AIJWF will explain the underlying features of the new media era ushered in by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR.

President of AIJWF, AIJRF Advisory Board


file quote (1).jpg

Prof. Mohammed Abdulzaher

AIJWF is shaping the future of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence adapting to all human life such as: Education, Healthcare, Communication, Social Life, Media, Sustainable cities, etc.


Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and CEO of the AIJWF.AIJRF Advisory Board





Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF), is a global platform and conference that will serve as the bedrock for the rigorous study and intellectual expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) journalism under the slogan “Designing the Future of Media, Touching Human Lives 2050.
AIJWF  we forecast the future of Humans 2050, particularly in light of the technological advances and artificial intelligence technologies in various fields: Media and Entertainment, Information and Communications Technology, Culture, Healthcare, Education, Economic, Sustainable Development Goals, and designing the future of Smart and Sustainable Cities.



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